The Lighting Agency


On March 1, 1980 The Lighting Agency was formed by Art Fisher, whose vision was to develop a collaborative collection of architectural specification lines to complement our major line, Acuity Brands, and to develop an intelligent package of goods to provide to our customers. The Lighting Agency has grown from four employees to thirty, several of whom have been with the Agency over twenty years and many whom are in the 6 - 15 year category. Our company is comprised of highly educated personnel, many coming from the University of Colorado's lighting program inside the school of engineering. The Lighting Agency has maintained solid business relationships for thirty years with many of our manufacturers. We have established lasting friendships and strong alliances with our business partners and employees. The Lighting Agency is recognized as one of the leading and well respected lighting agencies in the country.



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  • Arthur Fisher
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  • Jason Fisher
    President, Outside Sales
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  • Ryan Stewart
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  • Denver Office
  • 2661 17th Street
    Denver, CO 80211
  • P: 303.455.1012
    F: 303.458.8247
  • Colorado Springs Office
  • 2270 Hancock Expressway
    Colorado Springs, CO 80910
  • P: 719.227.9997
    F: 719.227.9990